Coordinating business (market development)

Support for market development for the overseas
Business matching between the two countries
On-site Sales agent and procedures agent
Marketing agency of products and services
New market development
Translation service
Business Matching
Video production, magazine interview
Exhibitions, international conference
Artists promotion


Promotion business (brand design)

Planning of brand strategy from research and analysis, to Execution,
Support the entire process of consistent branding
Web marketing
Web Promotion
TV, newspaper, magazine advertising
PR, press releases, invite media


Production business (production and editing)

It will supply the production in the field such as a movie, broadcasting, advertising, music, and publishing.
Magazines, books, booklet etc. from the planning, such as coverage, design, steel shot etc.
Video production
CG production
Website Design production
Home page Design
Pamphlet production
Logo production


Casting business (entertainer, professional)

Through human, we will improve the image of services, products and companies.
Promotion, casting in the advertisement
it’s an important element in order to give a more accurately and effectively message.
Interpreter, translator
Entertainer, talent, actor, artist, model
MC (moderator)